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2021 Kabs here. I'm so sorry about the complaining about the economy, and it continues through as a trend for the next little while. Like honest to heavens speaking here, things just... ain't good for the little guy in the present age, like no duh, y'dig? So I'm sorry about the ranting. That's more or less turned off at this point, the ranting, but I suppose this was my angry period in life, where I just couldn't hold it in. Apologies for letting it out there, I guess just... enjoy the rant I suppose *shrug*


The heart may be destroyed (and delicious!), but the brain remains.

So close... so close.

I felt that something needed to be said for Mother Brain. She's mostly uploaded, and it's not like there's any shortage of brains kicking around. They're all just... y'know... empty.

Except this one. The last brain... not dead, merely dormant. I mean hell, there's no shortage of power either. It's just that the clonatorium's engine is mildly damaged. I'm sure it's nothing a little elbow grease and ingenuity won't fix.

I wonder what's gonna happen to her.

On a more personal note, there's been ALL kinds of progress in all kinds of directions in my life. My livestream continues on weekdays, my scythe project is slowly moving forward, and I've finally obtained employment. WOOH, I'll be able to buy more food than the bare minimum capable of keeping me alive soon!

Y'know, after I'm done paying off the debt that I've accrued keeping myself alive until this point. But AFTER I've dug my way back above zero, I can go about maybe treating myself to the occasional restaurant visit once a month or something. Assuming I've deemed myself as having saved enough to warrant such an extravagance. Given I have like... no savings, the vast majority of any money that I acquire through employment will be more-or-less hoarded in preparation for the coming economic collapse.

Yeah, that part. Economic inequality is still far worse than it was prior to the great depression, corruption in the upper caste is still ludicrous and obvious, liars and 5-year-olds are still running for the president of the USA, and there's still vastly, VASTLY more people of working age than there are positions which require a human operator, with the ratio between the two only capable of getting worse. There's a reason I keep tossing the term 'mathematically unsustainable' around. I'm just glad I was able to obtain employment AT ALL.

And it's not like it's not going to collapse. It has EVERY OTHER TIME in human history. Look up the history of fiat currencies. Every single one of the thousands that have existed in human history has collapsed. It still baffles my mind that many people still think that nothing's gonna happen. I mean... crack a history book, C'MON! We live in the age where all of human knowledge is available to anyone with an internet connection.

That aside, the employment itself is acceptable. It's data-entry... an industry that should have been replaced by scanners, standardized forms, and software a decade ago... and the majority of my day is spent moving letters and numbers from paper to computer, or computer to paper, followed by back to the computer in a slightly different place. Y'know... completely meaningless, unnecessary motion of my hands. But it puts food in my mouth, and that's the single only part that matters. Work is money, money is food, and food is life.

The office itself is nice. Decent construction... it appears they've used decent-quality materials in its manufacturing. Nice humidity levels, temperature's pretty good. Bit noisy here and there, but it's a (surprise) open-office concept, so that's not unexpected. The people, of the rare few that have communicated with me, are pleasant and enjoyable to be around. All-in-all, it's presently an acceptable exchange of labour for fiat currency.

I realize I should be far happier about obtaining employment, but in all reality, the single only reason I am there is because food needs to go into my food-hole, and this is presently the best way of continuing to do so.

On THAT note, I would be far, FAR happier if I was doing work that was... y'know... not performing what should be an obsolete task strictly for the purposes of making members of the upper-caste more unfathomably rich. I'm currently volunteering on available Sundays at a cat shelter, which is IMMENSELY more fulfilling and enjoyable. Unfortunately unpaid (that being the definition of volunteer work), but hopefully it will eventually lead to being able to find paid employment in a more suitable industry. It's not like typing on a computer or putting pieces of paper into folders, into filing cabinets is the only thing I'm capable of doing (though I'm DAMN good at what I do). I have an unbelievably diverse set of skills ranging from construction to programming and a million things inbetween, and it's just kinda sad that these skills are currently being unused. I could be SO much more useful in SO many different ways. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope that I'll have a chance to use these skills for the good of humanity some day :)

On the transgender front, things are moving along well there as well. A friend has given me some of her clothing, so I actually have a bit more to wear (and it looks FABULOUS, I might add). I've got a new choker that I've absolutely fallen in love with, and am making it out to a gay bar once a week to watch RuPaul's Drag Race, so there's all kinds of awesome happening on this front. None of it quickly unfortunately, but... baby steps.

I've got a lead on getting HRT (hormone replacement therapy), and have started sending emails and whatnot to start moving towards that end. Now that I've obtained the aformentioned employment, I can actually start pursuing this goal :D


95.4% complete
95.4% complete

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