Only Sylvia

Yep, there we are, added the September. In the next comic I started keeping the date, so I retro'd that back two comics to kinda "gradual" it in in a way lol.

Ech, bitching about the economy below, best skip this one.


Well, her tooth WAS just chipped, can't fault her :P

Otherwise, things have been better, my friends. Work is killing me, I receive little support online or in real life, and it feels as though nobody that knows that I'm alive really cares about me past the point of "Is she still alive? Yeah? Good enough."

I go to the park, and I'm surrounded by strangers. I go to the mall, and I'm surrounded by strangers. People barely willing to make eye contact.

I sit at home poor and lonely, and when I go out I feel like nobody even sees me. Just a ghost whisking past the crowds, uncontacted and unspoken to. Just another one of the endless herd of people ignoring eachother.

I need a hangout. A place where people know my name.

But hangouts cost money. And I'm in survival mode right now. If it's not needed to not die, then I don't need it. That's the mindset I have to put myself into these days.

Money is bullshit. I shouldn't be working this hard for this little.

I'm asking anyone that I can for help now. I give up. The world beat me. I can't do it alone.

Let's pretend I have zero money, hate my job, and don't want to be poor any more. How do I do that?


<Awesome, we're out. What's next on the agenda?>
<Well, for starters, I'm hungry as hell. What say we rampage the landscape?>
<No, wait, wait, we gotta think this through. REmember, there's like... a WHOLE LOT of us.>
<Alright, scouting party it is. Let's see what's up ahead.>
<Better idea. All of us spread out and search for anything of value.>
<Re-gather in 3 days time, sound like a plan?>
<So rampage then?>

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