Retreat of the frozen terror

Uhhhh, trans stuff and updates below, we're clear!

Oh and yah, we got the full date at the top now, in the page title.


Oh wow, there's been a whole shwack-load of updates in the past bit. Both in regards to my life, as well as what I've done on Zebeth. If you've kept up with my life, my last temp-job contract ended, so I've been spending October more or less catching up on things.

For starters, I've begun hormone therapy in my journey of becoming a transwoman (started Oct. 21, 2016). I've got bottom surgery on the horizon, and will see how much my breasts grow in over the coming months. As well, I've submitted the paperwork needed to have my name legally changed to Tannis and my gender to female. Once the certificate for that comes in, I can begin the long, arduous process of changing the rest of my everything to be updated to the correct name.

Otherwise, I've been spending my time both making stuff, and getting around to updating Zebeth to have a place to show it. I think at this point, most everything I've created since the start of my digital life has been saved to Zebeth. To give the most recent additions and updates, I've got a page for my collars, the door banner Arlene, the slingshot Tamara, painting cup bottoms, and jewellery I've been making. I've also added a watch chain, my dragon Celeste, a pair of spatterdashes, and my anklet Selena to the Thingies chainmaille section. As well, I've posted a few short writings that I've done in the past, finally saving them here. There's I like baths, Thinking underwater, and A robust adventure. As one more update, I've updated the Random Image Generator to be current. Over 3000 possible images to see!

So yeah, many digital updates. And hey, it even involves updating the actual comic! There's still a handful of odds and ends I'll be updating, but for the most part my digital life is now about as caught up as my physical life.

Of sorts, anyway. My bucket list still includes taking up programming again, writing a minigame, and one day building and programming a robotic arm mounted beside my door to do things like hold my purse or turn the lights on and off :P

I'm still doing the Livestream occasionally, and you can check out my previous broadcasts here.

All that mentioned, there's not too much else new happening these days. I've been more or less in survival mode, coughing up money to get my name changed and all that, and otherwise only really spending money on food and shelter. It's also getting colder out (despite the Metroids reporting that it's summer now, but I started Zebethian winter about 5 years ago in the middle of summer anyway :P), so that's been keeping me inside more often than not. Watching a lot of movies and whatnot though, getting out to a handful of events, that sort. Just doing my thing and all that :)

WOOH, hormone therapy! I've been feeling myself get a little bit more emotional towards things I normally wouldn't have, so it's getting somewhere. Let the patience train continue.


Exactly 3 days later
<Alright, everyone's got the scouting reports? What are we looking at?>
<Well, the minion generators are woefully inadequate, but the frozen surface is ripe with plantlife. The frozen terror has retreated.>
<Pretty sure that's called summer, but good. Claim the surface, all agreed?>
<The hivemind has spoken. The Metroids take to the surface!>
<On plants, we will survive!>
My business sense... it *tingles*.
'the hell are you going on about?
I don't know, but my booze feels threatened in some strange, distant manner.

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