Tasty enough

Awwww, talking about your childhood and stuff.


Anothah update! Good thing they've got theah local plentlife end wildlife expert kicking around. You may remember when he wrangled a Crocomire, or you can check out the bonus section to see his other wranglings!

Also alfalfa. Smells wonderful, and you can harvest it several times a year. Uses are a bit more limited than other crops, but I grew up around it.

Or rather, I grew up around many fields, but alfalfa is the one that I closest identify with. Y'see, I grew up in a 5-acre yard, where the back 2/3 or so was just... an alfalfa field for most of my life. We had the land, alfalfa smells nice, sometimes the farmers of the surrounding fields would swath and bail it too, and those were kinda fun to play on. Bit sprickly, but still :)

Outside of the alfalfa, the fields around us changed more or less every year. Canola, flax, wheat, sunflower, corn, probably a few others I'm forgetting off the top of my head. We never knew what the farmers were going to plant from one year to the next, so it was a bit of a surprise every spring seeing the mystery crops slowly growing to the point where we could identify it.

We also had a lot of lilac bushes, which also smell absolutely heavenly. Those are probably the two plants that call to my childhood more than anything else... lilac and alfalfa.

*sigh* wonderful :3

Anyhoo, little else to speak of that wasn't brought up in the last comic. I've finished another baby dragon, the livestream of which has been saved to the YouTube playlist for them. This one possibly came out the best yet, and only took about 5 and a half hours to make! Not too bad, I'm getting faster :)


*sniff* *sniff* Ahh, you seem familiar.
This is familiar to you?
Being a wrangler of Crocomires doesn't just mean I'm good with animals, I'm good with plants too!
Ahh, alfalfa. Yep, it's a scraggly one, but only right now. Pretty soon it'll juicen up a little bit, and be ready for harvesting.
This stuff doesn't grow tall, but it's fast. You can probably get about two or three harvests out of it a year.
That's awesome! It might grow back fast enough for the Metroids to graze! Think they'll eat it?
It's worth a shot.
Meanwhile, in the grain field
<Hey, has anyone else been longing for a different type of plant to eat?>
<Nah, I'm pretty good right about here.>
*chew* *nom* *munch* *drain* *chew* *nom*

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