Nevah trip

And hey, here's where the shitstorm happened. Awww. I dunno if you want to read more, just get depressed or something. Just click next, just click next.


There are so many updates to my life it's hard to put them all down. Please look at the text for my Life of Kabs update to save me some typing. To shorten that up, I vanished from the internet for a long time, found myself homeless twice in the past year, a stalker targetted me, I deleted all of my online accounts to protect myself (Kabuthunk is no longer my username anywhere), and use the name 'dragonmotherk' where I can online in reference to my dragons, and their adoption scrolls being signed 'Dragonmother KatieLynne'. My livestream business went on hold due to all of my accounts being deleted, I've been looking for work for months, had a few short-term contract positions, was let go from one place for being transgender, and will be beginning college in April to become a health care aide. Any donations would be appreciated, though I will be getting student loans to help me through college, and trying to get Manitoba Employment to pay for some of college.

No way around it, my life has been rough for the past six months or so. My life seems to be progressing in a positive direction at this point though, as I have been taking job search assistance workshops, will be beginning college in several months, and can update the site again (the broken links due to all that has happened will be fixed over time) thanks to Darren at Shinesparkers hosting my site while I'm getting back on my feet. It has been way too long since I have been able to work on the comic, and keep people updated on my life. I basically vanished from the internet in a single night for my safety, but am back now with different hardware and upgraded security.

There are so many other things happening too, I barely have a spare minute to myself. I've begun volunteering at the Rainbow Resource Centre as a Rainbow Rep, having the opportunity to represent the LGBT+ community at events. I will also be helping facilitate a group there, which will be interesting as well once that begins. There have been job search assistance workshops, medical updates about me receiving facial hair laser removal, my vaginoplasty, and so much more. My facial hair removal will hopefully be beginning shortly, and the vaginoplasty will be a year or so away, and I will keep everyone up to date on how those are going when they begin.

I should probably stop prattling there and pick it up again in the next update. Otherwise, wish me luck in my new endeavours, enjoy the comic now that it's back online (WOOH, thanks again Darren!), and enjoy your day :)

Oh, and a shoutout to another Metroid webcomic Project Zebex by Sybex. Check it out, it's an amazing, hilarious comic. I was sucked in from the moment I started reading it, and reached the present strip with a giant smile on my face. Props Sybex / Sheo!

Kabutroid / dragonmotherk / KatieLynne Harder

So, do we have a plan to lure the Metroids to the alfalfa fields?
Yeah, about that. Let's put it this way, how fast can you run?
I don't like that answer.
And I don't like Metroids, but they're eating my crops. Y'wanna help, learn to run.
I miss my playpods *sniff*
Soon, nearer to the Metroids
Ok, so we all knwo the plan?
I hate this plan, but want a drink.
Run and never trip, got it.
FINALLY, back in the emulator. Now where in heaven's name is everyone?

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