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College stuff below!


I'm honestly not sure if I've used this title before, but thinking about it, it should probably have been used a half-dozen times by now :P

I wonder if it's possible for me to use emojis in here. I mean, I can send them by text, and I DO like my emoticons. Let's have a quick looksee here

*quickly google searches emoji html code*

*discovers that Notepad is too primitive to be capable of having emojis pasted into it*

*could use cascading style sheets or javascript... meh*

*ASCII emoticons work :)* <-- is 2018, couldn't find the html reference code then

Well,that out of the way, on to business. College has been intense, to say the least. I go to school for a solid 8 hours of in-class teaching, followed by an hour or two of study after class at home. I'm also attempting to get a solid 8-9 hours of sleep a day, since in my opinion that's one of the most important things needed to keep my grades up... proper sleep. Never mind just kinda 'pulling through' on 7 hours, living on four cups of coffee to keep my mind percolating through the day. No, a good, long sleep with a natural-feeling wakeup is the best.

But anyway, I've found that I have about 3 or so hours available for study, eating, cleaning, and any other house-related chores after class before I want to crawl into bed, watch a little bit of passive entertainment to give my mind a rest (Penn and Teller's 'Fool Us' has been my latest crave, as well as my usual blacksmithing type videos, Positive Couple [my newest find], or Weirdist Builds on twitch).

So yeah, college is keeping me very busy. I still work on the weekends, and hang out with friends when I can.

Oh, and quick note here before I forget, the shoutbox below is temporarily disabled, because for some reason a handful of racist people were using it to communicate, so that's just kinda turned off for now. It probably will be until after college, when I can be a bit more active on here and check on it more often.

On a happier note, I've got a few pieces of awesome not-college-or-work-related news! I've submitted the last of my paperwork for my bottom surgery, so that's awesome! I'm only waiting for a response from the doctor in Montreal on what my surgery date is now!

I've also had my 'meow' tattoo touched up, as well as having my female symbol tattoo turned into a trans symbol (pics to come later, it's quite late at night). So yeah, more on those two later.

Otherwise, have a wonderful night all! I need to get me some sleep :)

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Well, I'm happy that you pointed that out, but I'm equally annoyed that I was wrong. Any ideas crew?
AHA, found 'em! I thought I heard voices coming from thisaway.
KRAID, SAMUS! Beautiful timing. Also, Samus, where in all of the unholy hells have you been?!? Do you realize that the alcohol crops are being DECIMATED?!?
Kraid filled me in on the way. Yeah, we've gotta save the booze. What's the plan? Also, I was stuck outside the emulator.
Stuck outside the... IT'S LIKE SIX BUTTONS! Oh whatever, you're here now. Ok, so we had a plan to lure the Metroids to an alfalfa field, but we can't come up with a way of luring them all at once.
Oh sweet, you found another food source! Ok... what do the Metroids like?
Sometimes Old Maid.
Ech. Ok, so what do Metroids hate?
Definitely you.
Ugh... the sound of being made the bait.
I'd chase you.
Shutup Kraid.

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