Minion scrapings

Awright, we've put that behind us, and repaired our life. Just talkin' about updates now.


WOOH, next comic up! I found some of my inspiration again today, and set out to make another comic strip. I have to apologise, they have been slow in coming lately. They've been slowing down for a long time now, but this past year really did me in. This was fun though, I think I got a little bit of my groove back.

Mmmmmm... minion scrapings.

Part of the idea from this came from my working at a convenience store that sells deep-fried products, and much of my work is with the deep fryer. To be fair, my place is very clean with it, filtering the oil constantly and such. No fryer-scrapings for me *sigh*

On another note, I begin college on April 27th. It was supposed to have started on the 13th, but the start got pushed back a bit, so several more weeks of waiting. C'est la vie. I've been taking in a lot of Legend of Zelda randomizer races on the twitch channels alttprandomizer and speedgaming to relax and just enjoy my downtime right now. I've been mainly relaxing as I can before college begins, after which I expect to be a lot busier. I'm a bit nervous to be honest, it's been a long time since I've been in college or university. I'm hoping it'll go well though, and I'll be taking everything one day at a time. I'll be taking the health care aide program, a one-year course, and trying to work at the same time.

Otherwise, in the transgender category of life, I've begun receiving facial hair removal laser treatments, having had my first one on April 3rd. The next one is at the start of May, since they need to be a month apart from eachother. Slowly but surely this facial hair will disappear, and I'll need to shave a lot less, or hopefully not at all. It's supposed to remove 20% of your hair with each treatment, and it's covered by the provice, so awesome! I've been actively training my voice to be more feminine, which you can hear if you catch me on my Twitch channel, though the stream has been poor and dropping repeatedly lately so until I move I will likely livestream directly to YouTube. On a related note, there's a good chance that I'll be moving to a place with lower rent soon, so that will save me some money, and would take me close to downtown, which would be wonderful!

So wish me luck with all of these things. Other than that, I'm planning to visit the resting place of my cat Captain Jack Daniels soon and pay him a visit. He's at one of my favourite hammocking places in St. Vital Park in Winnipeg, so it will be good to talk to him again. After having moved from the south end of the city, it's been several years.

Sorry for ending this on a bit of a sad note. He's been on my mind for the past while though, and the weather is finally getting warm enough out to go out again. I'm hoping to get some biking in after college starts, and hopefully keep livestreaming here and there. We'll see how much homework I get, and I also plan to re-read the notes from class as often as I can, so everything is a little bit unplanned right now. Once college starts though, I'll have a regular schedule to work around, and be able to gauge my energy levels and whatnot. Until then though, I can only guess at how much time and energy I will have after class, and also working in the evening when I'm scheduled. It's gonna be busy, I can tell you that.

Have a wonderful night all!

Kabutroid / dragonmotherk / KatieLynne Harder

Oh, hey Samus, how's it going? I was just scraping minion-bits from the sides of the deep-fryer.
*shudder* Just... every time. So where is everyone? I just got back in the emulator.
Oh right, I should probably go help with that again. They went hunting for plants to lure the Metroids away from the alcohol crops, and I came back to gluttonize minion scrapings.
Please stop talking about the filth that you just put in your mouth.
Ok well, we have to save the crops, so let's go topside and see what we can do. And clean yourself up!
With pleasure!
Ok, here's our objective. Any questions?
Umm, yeah. How do we make more than like... two of them chase us, and us not need to run back and forth to the field a thousand times?
*squee* *squee* *crunch*

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