And now we wait

This engagement lasted for about three months. Didn't quite work, we still chat.


Thank you Metroid Queen, for closing the door behind us!

Oh goodness, she's going to have just... SUCH a headache. I wanted to add her saying that, but... frame space. Oh well, you can only imagine.

So... I have some news. I'M ENGAGED! On November 25, I became engaged to my wonderful fiancée Heather, who lives about 6 hours away in another town. We met online, and it's beginning as an online relationship, but we match so unbelievably well! It was meant to be. So I'm working on finding a job in her town, and if need be she will begin looking for a job in Winnipeg. One way or the other, we will find a way to be together.

Goodness goodness goodness, that's the big news. Let's see, what else is there. I graduated college with a 4.0 GPA (WOOH!), though I think I posted about that already. Let's see... birthday went by, nothing spectacular or new there. Graduated, engaged, looking for work ideally in a hospital, or if needed in a personal care home. I have several homecare clients which is bringing in some income, so that's a good start. Keeps my skills up, lets me help others, it's pretty awesome.

And yeah, that would be the brunt of the updates. Not a lot of them, but a big one ^_^

Oh, and hey, three comics in one day! That's pretty sweet too! I'm so close to finishing the main storyline, I'm pushing myself a bit more to get them made. Let's see what we can do with this now ^_^

I'm also working on a chainmaille project, a square for the chainmaille quilt being created by chainmaillers around the world. My piece is this so far.

Oh, and I added a whole pile more photos into the Kabucam gallery. Enjoy :D

Oh, oh, and one more thing, I'm still doing my Song-a-day series on YouTube. I'm up to 214 songs now! Whew, won't be that long before I hit a year!

Will I keep going? Probably ^_^

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*graceful landing*
*thump* *thump* *thump*

So... now what?
Now, we wait for them to get hungry and look up.

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