It settles down

Talking about dragons, aw yeah. Also a few youtube channels worth checking out.



Common apology, sorry about updating the site so little. It has just not been on the priority list, and I think that's starting to change. I've been going through a massive upheaval in my life, and I finally have a job and stablility. The home issue needs to be worked out, I'm going to be moving out from Heather's. We went the friend route, and I want my own place where I can have a cat. So that's happening ^_^

Hope for the cat, hope hope hope. Finding places here I've been told takes time, and finding one that allows a cat might take longer. Like... how long before someone moves out? Might be here a while, we'll see what luck brings.

So I finally got around to making the next comic! Life has been a crazy, and the website hasn't been on my priority list unfortunately. I'm getting there though, suddenly days off are like catching up on art and updating and things. I'm a bit slow with the taking pictures of the things I make (DRAGONS!), and drag on getting around to setting up the shot (or thinking of one), and going and doing that. But I've generally caught up there (DRAGONS!)

Charlemagne & Cleopatra and Corbin join the nest ^_^

I've also made a set of rosary beads. I like them ^_^ Going to try swapping the 3/16" red rings for 7/32", maybe 1/4" and see if the beads feel better. Anyhoos, may be modified ^_^

Life of Kabs comic to come soon. My personal life has been a localized chaos of moving and settling and starting a new job and personal time and stuff. For a while I had *REALLY* been itching to get at my chainmaille dragons, so I made Corbin, and then Charlemagne and Cleopatra. I've just finished making their adoption scroll, so I'll be taking a pic later.

Spent a much needed morning lazing in bed and not doing anything. Tomorrow it's back on the cart and do some of the 'mandatories', like reading documentation assigned to me at work, and... whatever else it is that I have sitting in plain site for when I 'do it'. Mail things, or vacuum, or whatever it is that's taking time away from my chainmaille lol.

Pretty much all I do when I have spare time, pick up the pliers, put on some headphones and watch ScykohPlays and Weirdist Builds lately ^_^

Kabutroid/dragonmotherk/KatieLynne Harder

<*sigh* I don't think that's working.>
<Well, what do YOU suggest we->
<Hey, did anyone notice this stuff here>>
*float* *sniff* *sniff*
*glomp* <OM... y'know, this stuff ain't half-bad!>
<Huh, y'don't say?>
The thumping has died down, I think we might be alright.
I hope so, I was starting to get a fierce headache.

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