Data entry

If you're asking youreself 'Why data entry?', wonder no longer.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I should write in the 'career' line on that work transition center thing. Like I said, I'm not slacking off with this, I take this shit seriously. Like... I talk shit about the economy, because the economy is shit. I don't think there's a single person who wouldn't agree with me on this.

But I'm still stuck with this shit, so my option is to suck it up and do with what I've got. And I'm honestly proud of myself in general, I've got a lot to work with. So why data entry?

Honestly? I get to sit down all day. Sit down and punch numbers into a computer? Sure, I got that. Aside from that y'know... I can do whatever's needed around the office. Need the coffee area organized? Done, and I'll keep tabs on what's getting low. Fax machine unjammed? I'm there. Like... I gots skills. Decent ones, in an unbelievably wide variety of fields.

Data entry lets me pick my starting rung. I'm *clearly* on the bottom rung here, whether I like it or not. EVERY industry needs data entry! Does it involve paper, and people using it? In some form or another, alphanumeric characters need to be transfered from analog to digital format.

And WHY society hasn't progressed to the point of automating these jobs away entirely is completely beyond me. It's called a scanner and text recognetion software people! But don't get me started on the economy, and why all these jobs even still exist. Just... *ugh*.

So yeah, data entry. I get to sit down all day and punch numbers into a computer in the industry that I want (that in some for or another still involves paperwork), and otherwise be helpful around the office. Otherwise, my life is my art. It's more or less down to that... my life is my art, and I want a job where I get to sit down comfortably and just do what needs to be done until the economy decides to fix itself or self-destruct entirely (my money's on the latter).

One way or the other, I'm stuck with what I've got, where I am, at this current point in history. Gotta deal with it. Let me sit down for the most part (and don't get me started on retail workers not being allowed to sit down in chairs. Just... C'MON!), be helpful, because really, it any social situation, I just like being helpful in general. S'more useful and makes people smile more that anything else.

So yeah, kinda rolling that whole rambling mess up into a ball here, I am working to support my art. If I have to give away 8 hours of my life every day to do that, then I want to be sitting down comfortably. Simple, no? Need food and shelter, and I am very good at typing. I taught myself QBasic in my teens, and I've never really lost interest. If I keep doing enough varied activities on my own time, such as chainmailling, whittling, beading, and whatever else that works out my hands and moves the muscles in different ways, that should keep the carpal tunnel syndrome at bay. Stay healthy, stay out of debt, and get a job where I can sit down in a warm, indoor room and do what miscellaneous things need to be done.

My current homework in that work transition course is to come up with 10 places that, if all restrictions were removed, and they happened to be hiring for someone with exactly my character sheet, what would those 10 places be?

I've come up with 6 so far. We'll see if by the end of the weekend I can come up with 15. I like the line of thought that this course is taking me down.

It's really self-empowering, if nothing else.

Oh, also Vote Kabutroid. I'm sure you remember my previous proclaimations.

So... yeah, keep voting for me. And if you have so far, AWESOME, thanks :D

SO HEY, update time! Figured I'd let everyone know how that resume help thing is going. Very insightful, pushes you to learn a lot about yourself.
Here's my career path, here's what's best about me, here's the best examples of my primary attributes that relate to that career path. Who'dja work for, whatdja do for free, whatcha proud of, in 2 pages.
So I finished that, and that's all awesome and stuff, because I'm all awesome and stuff. Next step, pick a pile of places I'd wanna work, gearingit around my career path.
So now I've gotta ask myself... if I could work anywhere around here, where would I work? I'm going with data entry, a TON of industries need those! I'm just picking the first rung, that ladder could go ANYWHERE!

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