Tits and tattoos

A lot of an update, and not much of one at the same time. On the plus side, I'm cleaning up a lot of the back-end related stuff.

On that note, if you check out the Stuff section, you'll notice that the upper half of the image has been re-categorized. I've got a new section in there for knitting (inside of which is now a page for my first square and pillow), and also whittling. The newest part in there is the wooden spoon, and the rest has been mentioned in previous updates. I've also updated all iterations of 'chainmail' to 'chainmaille', so if anyone had any links set to any of my chainmaille pages, sorry but you'll have to update the link slightly. Just the spelling is all. The whittled stuff though moved to an entirely different folder.

And yeah, as it says in the comic my breasts seem to be achieving some growth! Or in some manner or another my fat tissue is being redistributed to the area. I'm seeing some curvature on the sides where there was none before, so exciting times for me :)

Not really all that much else to speak of at the moment unfortunately. I do most of my rambling on my livestream, so nothing's sticking out in my mind to bring up at the moment. Yep... breast growth, a quick comic, and coding updates. Also that update to the Kabutroid sprite which is kinda awesome. Glad I finally got around to doing that in my master sprite files.

Oh, and I also added a random image generator on the left there, above the Kabucam pic. It shows a random 'thing I've made'. I figure it's a bit of a nice touch, since I'm attempting to showcase my capabilities for creation in the real word these days :)


This seems like a good time for a quick update to brush over a variety of changes to the site and my life as of lately.
For starters, I've updated my sprite to show the relevant tattoos and pierced ears. Makes sense, since those are kinda permanent. I like that I can customize my earrings each comic, sorta like the random item on the table.
<-- Hello Mr. T coffee mug
I've revamped the 'Random' section, since the whittled and knitted items are just going to keep growing. They deserved their own pages, so now you can get them from the main 'Stuff' section.
On a personal note, my breasts seem to be showing some growth after about 2 months of hormone therapy, so that's amazing! There's a lotta changes down the road for me, and I can't wait for 'em to keep showing up!

Most sprites are property of Nintendo, who are awesome and and amazing and stuff, and also this is a parody and also it's free and stuff.
Comics, ideas, Kabutroid, and other custom content owned by KatieLynne Jackson. I'm pretty easygoing, and really don't mind all that much if you make content based on my content and stuff. Just don't go impersonating me and we're cool.