An FAQ is updated

Oh wow, I'm finding myself having reasons to update the site without having a pile of text to add! Been a while since that's been the case...

Lotta stuff happening in life the past while. Been pretty awesome and interesting, for me at least :D

And what's this, we have our second subscriber! Shoutout to Wei-Hwa Huang for being all awesome and supporting my dream. I hope you like the colour I picked for your Space Pirate. Click the *poof* for details as to what is now yours :D

Also a shoutout to MathPhysicsNerd for being my third Patreon supporter :D

WOOOOH, awesome :D

No seriously, I really love livestreaming, and making things while chatting with my viewers. I'm humming and happy and filled with music and just *mmmmmmmm* so much awesome :) :) <3

So yeah, thank you muchly for subscribing, it means a lot to me :)

During that streaming, I've made and finished some stuff! If you didn't catch it, I've finished Sushi's cup cozy, the on-air sign, the sake set cozy, and started Kuraido's cup cozy.

Lots of stuff getting cozied around here these days. Hey, become a Patron and your glassware could be cozied too!


This is gonna ROCK!
Well, that's all kinds of sweet. I think I'm getting somewhere wi-
*Wei-Hwa Huang'd*
GAH! By Xerxes' beard?!?
Well hello there, we have another visitor. Fellow Zebethian, welcome!
Well hello there yourself. I'm new around here, do you have an FAQ?
I do now! The big things are the lasers and beak-like snout, the rest'll come to you.
Waht do you mean 'I do now?' What'd you 'poof'?
Try clicking on it!

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