Getting busy

I've gotta say, this is all kinds of amazing. I started making a comic strip on the internet ages ago... loved it. Kept wanting to put more and more of myself online in a way.

And here we are, 15 almost 16 years later (March 16th anniversary!), and I'm livestreaming myself making stuff for the world to see. And I've got subscribers helping me out! Bikdip, Laura, thanks yous, that means so much to me :D <3 *hugs*

Technology... gotta love it. I've been pushing towards this for a while now. Livestreaming my life. Not sure why, but I've loved the idea of letting other see through my eyes. I've filmed a few videos in first-person for exactly this reason... to be able to experience a labour of love through the eyes of the labourer. Some of it can be AMAZING!

The livestream is the other half of it. Not so much watching through my eyes, but just y'know... watching. Chatting maybe. Just kinda... getting a bite of my life.

I call my livestream a window into my life. That's because I basically see the monitor as being like a literal window, and the chatters are people sticking their heads through the window and saying whatever they're typing to me. It's pretty amazing :D

There's trolls and such... I'm streaming in the #IRL section of Twitch, as an openly transgender woman, living an arguably unconventional lifestyle. Just goes with the territory. People with the opportunity to go and blurt out whatever obscenities are floating around in their head, or hate speech, in an area where they can poke into people's lives?

Meh, s'fine. Usually it's pretty comical, other times I'll just ignore 'em. Or mute 'em (that's when their text just kinda vanishes). Or if it gets too ridiculous, just close the chat display tab. Then I can see the chat, but my viewers can't.

I associate this stream with my business number, and is my omnomnoms. Can't let it get too stupid in there, sorry. Fun's fun and stuff, but remember that you're poking your head through my window and blurting out things at me, and everyone can see it. It's just... uninteresting is all. Try actually talking to me. I can be quite the chatterbox if approached pleasantly :)


Ahh, that was nice. I've been cheering up the past few days. Been pretty nice out... I should go do something.
Ahh, my den. My hibernation hole. My creativity nest. My place of... *stuff*.
What to build today, what to build today. Lessee, I could work on that chainmaille top, or there's that coconut I've gotta...
Hello there?
Oh, uhh... hello? Dr. Boris? Who is it, how can I help you?
Umm... can I come in?

OH, right, yeah, sure, c'mon in. Sorry, don't get many visitors in these parts. I'm kinda burrowed away back here.
Yeah, some Melias pointed the way. It's me, Bikdip!
What, NO WAY! Hey man, what's up? You're a Zebethain now? Awesome, welcome to the club, this is my home!
You live tucked away deep at the end of a serious of cavernous tunnels?
Karst formations. The grand tour is... here. Didja wanna chill, go topside...
How about topside, the sun's out.
Oh wow, Tannis?!? It's Laura!
Would you... ANOTHER ZEBETHIAN! This place is starting to get busy!

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