To the bar!

Ahh... that feels good. I've finally tied the storylines together. I like to think of this strip as the bridge between the Life of Kabs and Zebeth :)

Otherwise, not all that incredibly much to speak of, apart from what I brought up in the previous Zebeth comic (strip 1284) that I made (which is in itself two comics further up than the *actual* next comic (strip 1282). Yeah, sorry 'bout the confusion in there. This comic page also gets an annoyingly confusing back/forward button system just below the comic, since it's linking to the previous and text comics of both archives. Thankfully this is the only page that will have that atrocity of navigation.

In the next update, things should be closer to resembling what passes for normal around here :P


I just logged into Zebeth, and was plunked down by some trees back there. What is this place, where am I?
Oh wow, where to start. Ok, well this is my entrance to the cave systems.
Oh hey, other... green, carapaced things! Hey there, I'm Sonder. What's going on here?
ACK, more! I'm going to have to put up a map or something.
Nice to meet you Sonder, welcome to Zebeth. Ok, umm... there's an FAQ, and a tunnel system, claw-lasers...
Wait, wait, why don't we go to the bar and chat there? I hear there's one, right?
Oohh, yeah, good idea. I'll point the way, we can chat it up over food and drinks!
Good call, I'd really like to test out these mandible-beaks we have here.
To the kegs and deep-fryer!

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