Never sitting still + thanks Ozzatron!

OOHH, also our awesome Zebethian Ozzatron helped out by combing through the archives and looking for any other misgenderings. These have all been corrected, WOOH, THANKS OZZATRON! <3
Another few updates! Also a new Life of Kabs comic to go with the update, but the brunt of the text is below. But NEW STUFF!

Let's see, I mentioned dragon 15 below, and I'm up to 21 now! Also, the dragon page has split into the original seven and the dragon throng.

I've been spending much time doing fiddly busywork in regards to the dragon nest and basket itself. I have them constructed for the most part at this point (pics eventually). The nest I made by repurposing a straw hat from Michaels, hacking it apart and re-gluing it together into a nest form. I'm going to have it sitting on top of a box where the top has been packed with tufted burlap and shaped to make a nice base, on top of which I'm going to have straw and dry grass tucked into any of the openings. There's going to be a separator in the middle, with the adoption scrolls on the side. Actually, I just made one a kabucam pic so check it out! It's really coming along nicely. I'm going to lower the nest so the basket can close with it there, have a seperator barrier between the scrolls and the box/nest, and use tufted burlap as a base under the nest. Then I'll have dry leaves and whatnot tucked in on top of that. I might leave the nest as-is to encourage kids to dig around in there. If it has a grass covering, people will want to be more gentle around it.

Nah, these things are made of stainless steel, they're meant to be played with :D

Let's see, I've got the mystery box nearly designed, an earring display rack conceived (supplies purchased), signage ordered, a business card holder to build... there's all kinds of stuff. I've got a handfull of earrings available to put on sale, but no keychains yet. I'm planning on making additional chainmaille sample pieces from the more interesting weaves and put a keyring on them. Time is pretty tight for that, so we'll see if it's earrings only (though both titanium and stainless steel). It's only the 6th of May right now (though nearly 2:00am... i've been going well past midnight on a regular basis putting this all together), and the event that I'll be selling at will be on June 10th.

Huh... when I put it like that... that's 35 someodd days to go.

I'm making approximately one dragon a weekday right now. That's looking like around 20 more dragons, what I can all put together for my storefront display, earrings to be made, and possibly keychains. The rest I'm not too concerned about, but the chainmailling... 3 hours a day is pretty grueling. I figure if I can push myself, at least just for this next month, for about another hour a day, or even a half-hour, I can get another several pairs of earrings (I've got about 6 pairs made at the moment), and see what I can do about keychains. A good time ballpark is about an hour per item, going at a good pace.

I think once I have the displays built, then I'll be dedicating more time to the items. Right now, aside from the dragons themselves, if I have no way of displaying a product, then there's no point in making a product that I can't display. The dragons will be in the nest, or otherwise scattered over the table.

Oh right, each dragon now has their birthday on the back of their nametag. Their birthday is going by the day the dragon gets its final ring... the clasp ring. Every dragon starts with a 1/4" ring, and ends with a 3/16" ring. For whatever anyone wants to make of that :P

I've further tied my various pages together, with Thingies and Stuff having a pointer to A nest of dragons, which now points to the Zebeth dragon throng page for easy viewing of all of them at once.

Things are still going awesome with my girlfriend QuelynBlay, we hang out once or twice a week and stuff :). My sister just got through a surgery, and is in recovery, everything looking well and such right now.

Y'know, let's give an update of my family in general, because whynotsies? My oldest sister is in Mexico with a daughter, hubby, and puppy. Next oldest sister is the one through surgery. Husband (godfather), two daughters, all generally awesome. Well, it's family, they're all awesome :P

Next up is my older brother, way off East with a wife, daughter, and son (and puppy), I'm Tannis, and my younger brother is way off West with a kitty. Aaand yep, that's the general roster.

Otherwise... dragons. Most of what's on my mind these days is dragons in some manner or another. Either new designs (spider dragon, legless snake dragon, two-headed-two-tailed dragon, three-headed dragon, centipede-dragon, etc), or designing the storefront, or... yeah. Lots of dragons on the mind these days.

Dragonmother KatieLynne
Ye gads, where does time vanish to? Oh right, stuff.

For starters, our Dragon page has been growing rapidly, seeing several new additions a week now. I'm getting faster at making them, so it seems by the time I'm making one dragon's adoption papers, the next one is already half-built! I'd say there's roughly an additional hour of work that goes into the dragons aside from what's seen on livestream. Picture-taking, html-editing, writing the adoption papers, the various social medias that receive updates about the dragons, all that jazz takes a lot of time.

I really need to make a flowchart of what I do to actually livestream. Like, if I get down to the nitty-gritty parts where I'm fiddling with the sizes of windows and maneuvering around the computer and boxes to get everything lined up, there's lots of steps in there. That said, I've gotten all of that down to about 15 minutes, provided the computer plays nicely with me :P

I'll hopefully be moving to a more permenant residence somewhere shortly, and I'll be able to eventually adapt the room to have a more permenant setup for streaming. I mean, the laptop's going to move around one way or the other, but if I can organize my room such that I don't have to keep packing and unpacking the second camera and microphone and whatnot, it'd be much more convenient. *sigh* Present limitations and such.

UPDATES! Sorry, here I am all bitching and complaining, and not actually prattling on about what I've actually been DOING!

Well, aside from the dragons.

Lotta real-world stuff, really. I've got a basket for the dragons (pic to come once it's more dragonworthy), put together a binder with pictures of all of the dragons, including pictures of the adoption papers (which themselves are rolled into scrolls). Having the dragon's promo picture on one page with the adoption papers on the other makes sense in a binder, and then when one is adopted, I can remove the adoption paper pic (like this one for example), or give it to the person if they'd like to keep that too, and move the dragon picture to the back of the binder with the rest of the adopted dragons :)

Let's see, I designed a new business card for A nest of dragons (which will be on the back of my card for Thingies and Stuff).

Let's see, what else we got. I've added a writing called Drinking bathwater, and also found (and to be fair gender-edited) a handful of short stories written in the early 2000's that I call Streams of conscious thought, so give those a read-through for some laughs :)

Aside from that, I've got a girlfriend QuelynBlay, who's shown up on livestream a few times (seen here with my friend Angelfreak) has been meeting with me her and there, which has been awesome :D. Oohh, speaking of, there's a handful of new pictures in the Kabucam gallery, so feel free to check those out :)

Oohh, oohh, I've also updated all of the chainmaille sample pics to current, and labelled all of the pictures. These pictures are also going to be printed and added to the back of that aformentioned dragon binder, whereby I'll also have my chainmaille samples with me so that people can poke around at it, AND see what their names are and such :D. It'll also have a sheet with tearoff tabs to lead them to Zebeth's stuff section so they can check out all of the various other things I've made over the years :)

*whew* I'm also meeting with a group of amazing queers at Sunshine House several times a week, which has also been amazing. At this point, my social meter is just about filled to the brim, and I'm finding myself scrambling to find time to do any kinds of digital updates on top of all of the real-world stuff happening these days.

I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting some of the stuff, but that covers the most recent things happening, anyway. The Pride festival is coming up in our city soon, so that's going to be eating all kinds of evenings with the various events I plan to attend.

I'm really not used to this much activity in my life. I grew up surrounded by fields and crickets chirping. I'm keeping up with things, but it's hard.

Keep kicking there Tannis, getting closer to seeing some progress in life. Unfortunately we've lost one of our Patreon subscribers, so as of present, all of my livestreaming efforts are amounting in about $20 a month. If any of my fans could please share my channel, it would be much appreciated. I could really stand to be getting more than $20 per month, that barely covers a week of food.

Whelp, we're keeping kicking somehow. Keep on pushing, and following my heart. I'm doing what I love with my life right now :)


WOOH, hey everyone! It's about time to post an update on life, and to thank our April supporters! And wow, has there been plenty of updates in life.
First off, I'd like to thank Bikdip, BrotherFlounder, MathPhysicsNerd, Sonder, Suvvy, and Wei-Hwa Huang for their support through Patreon, and the people that donated and cheered for me on-stream. You're amazing people, and I love each one of you!
On that note, cheering has been enabled on my channel! I've been accepted as a Twitch affiliate, and people can now cheer money at me when I stream! One step closer to becoming a full partnet with subscribers and emotes.
I could keep on prattling! I'm building a dragon nest for "a nest of dragons", I've almost got my table display finalised, I've got dragon pictures printed, chainmaille samples, earrings... never a quiet moment.

Most sprites are property of Nintendo, who are awesome and and amazing and stuff, and also this is a parody and also it's free and stuff.
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