It's Yule!!!!

So we're embracing this whole thing.

K let's get the obvious out of the way, I kinda like to do that, kinda brings that up right at the start kinda thing. So, Heaven, out, Valhalla, in. That's about it. K there. I still talk to Jesus and stuff, pretty daily. Good person, always honest, always nice. Lol I keep saying I'm going to keep preaching Him, and I will in the here and now as needed. Yah Valhalla first, but this guy here's cool too.

The Valhallians don't really like me taking that stance but whatcha gonna do kinda deal lol.

And yah, I still talk to spiritual entities on the daily, having whatever arbitarary conversations or such. Still learning, still training, and well that's about how I've always been so I don't see much changing. At least until she can make a change then we'll see what good she can do ^_^

Yah don't worry it'll be some like heart bubble floating over the city or some tripe, you get the drill. Lol tho, we'll see what she can do.

And yeah, beginning to ship out to Abby, my fiancee in England. My packages should start arriving soon ♡♡♡

And yah, expect a few new pics in the Kabuto page in the next few days, I like did painting work on it and stuff and now I'm smoothing a part out and stuff lol. I tells ya, the end stages of these things are like... k, you can do 20 minutes of work on it... and now you've gotta wait like 24 hours to do your next 20 minutes of work lol.

Getting there, we're getting there. In the meantime, I have been enjoying life, or otherwise dabbling in the arts and crafts. Enjoying Yule, talking to the Pig God. Enjoy an orange with Him ^_^

And yah, it's pretty much just ship out at this point. One package at a time.


Oohh, ok, so we got a surprising number of updates in two days. We have:
The Kabuto staff updated
The Kabuto 2020 event
The legend of Kabuto (yah a lot happened involving Kabutos)
The staff of screaming

And yah, *whew* there's close to another hundred images or so added to the site lol ^_^

Kabutroid - December 25, 2020

Guess what, it's Yule today my friends!
Sweet Jesus.
Don't do that!
I was asleep!
So yes, to celebrate my very first Yule, I have a tree up, and I left an offering!
Well that's cool and stuff.
Oh also I'm like turning the planet into alcohol for like the next 20 minutes like we used to do still so have at it and stuff.
*slurp* *drink* *slurp*

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