Ok, so for the past several weeks, my life has been packing. Cardboard and tape have been my best friend, and I would say a full half of my belongings are gone at this point. Basically, about 9 boxes.

We're actually getting to the 'ummmm, do I really want to keep this' part here, I have a... well... box or two of clothing, half of it is... not likely to come with lol

A handful of tools, they use different voltages there, so... well I guess the drill is about the only thing not coming. Yah I know it's heavy, but it's like 40 dollars for a good hammer, and half of that is like my dad's, so... whelp, we got a heavy box or two coming up.

Oy, I'll sneak a few each into the next few boxes (hand tools - one line), and that'll like whittle down the weight. Like, my coping saw? I can't find that in a corner store lol. Anways, I'm not sure where most of the weight is coming from, drill yah but... anyways. Handful of wrenches and such, we'll see what I bring I actually go through a fair number of these throughout an average year. Artists yo, we need to do stuff! Anyways, I might throw two hunny at shipping all of my tools lol

And yah, soon to be back beside Abby, back beside my Wife, back curled up beside her again.

The comfort part is there, and that I'm looking forward to. Half of my mind is also on all of the other little things that will be needed, getting ID, getting bank account set up, SO many documents lol. I figure a month of documents, give or take letter-mailing time. Then the rest of our lives together ♡

Kabutroid - soon to be posting from her beloved Abby's place

Holy crap packing is crazy!
*general belongings*
Like dis, how would you describe dis!!!!
Dude man, I don't even know man Ok, six lines per customs sheet, it's based on that. Everything. Is everywhere. That said, half of my belongings are overseas or on a plane right now.
Yah dis pile used to be twice as tall. The most important things are sent or travelling with me. It's getting exciting, things are getting exciting! Soon, I will be with my Abby doll forever ❤❤

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