Almost there

EDIT: Paperwork problems, working on it. Yah to make a long story short I was misinformed by an immigration specialist. So I'm fixing that now.
Awright, the show is on the road. All paperworks has been done (with the vague hope of one more additional bonus waiting on the mail), all... paperworks is done. The painting is done, both coats, floorboards. Four trash bags have left. We are down to the scraps now. A general... detritus (lol I'm sorry for overusing this word, it's an apt word XD) that I need to close into suitcases. Aaaaaand yep, throw about 60 pounds on my back, and get on a plane. Do some stuff in the city.... or honestly I'm not sure if anything at all. Like... covid days. Our province has actually very good numbers, and I am like... double masking and sanitizing everything here. Also I've more or less taken care of the things that I thought I would need the city to take care of. Could use a new pair of work sneakers, mine are... compleeeeeetely blown out, but like... well, unable to go to the city, and like... $150 for a pair of shoes here, oh my goodness not. Not when I've only got a few days left, they can hold out for just a little bit longer. Then when I DO get to the city for that week there, the one place I do want to go is a Walmart or... hmm... I don't know what's generally considered a good cheap place for general use shoes, that generally may not have that much foot traffic due to covid and all that stuff. Yah I am going full paranoid on that there, like... everything that I can do to keep safe. Anyways, shoes, that's a thing to get. Otherwise.... I think that's literally about everything as far as I can tell. All paperwork (goodness it's all about paperwork XD) is generally in order (or in like... 3 locations presently, kinda filtering their ways into their respective folders. There's a system here, it looks like chaos until it doesnt XD

Don't worry Abby, this state usually just exists for a short period of time just in like.... crazy insane changes like this. All belongings semi-organizdilly stuffed into four small suitcases, the rest off and scattered in boxes, and to just put it out there, she has been loving it. The tornado of stuff around her, one task flowing into the next, none of them related yet all of them. This item has dual use with those two categories, we need to conglomerate all of the items of this category over here. And we just got ziplock bags! Now that we have entirely and fully moved out of the bedroom and kitchen (and generally speaking bathroom), we can do the final conglomerations. Let the conglomerating begin!


WOOOOOH! And we are essentially basically done! Minus of course an aaaaaabsolutely trainwreck of open suitcases that to be fair will take about 30 minutes to actually close.
And on that last note, I actually just today bought some ziplock bags to kinda categorize the detritus into some... comprehensible system. So yah, next few days, organize.
And otherwise WOOOH! The bus leaves town Thursday, the plane leaves the city the week after Saturday, and I arrive in London the day after, March 28th. Getting close!!!!
EEEEEEEEK, I am so close this is getting crazy!!!! We are near, we are near ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

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