EDIT: Oh, we have a few new things too! I've got my Harrow Deck of Many Things online (draw a card, should you), and as a kinda 'just get it into there for now, we can fancy it up later' page, I've got my pysanky page set up. Some of them broke in travel, so I will be adding more once I find my old images that I posted of them, on like... instagram or somewhere. I'll keep adding to that page over the years, and odds are it will be fancied up with my next egg lol. Let's see... anything that had random before has it back again, yah, I'm done the random image generator! It ended up being like 4700 lines long, and 615kb. So that... that is now updated to every folder in Zebeth, I've gone and gave it a once over. I hadn't been updating the database file since it stopped working (a little bit here and there), but I figured I would do a massive overhaul once I got the random thing working again.

And then that day arrived, COOL! Awright, it's working again. And as far as I can determine right now... literally everything should be working at this point, everything is updated, and everything is current. I am happy ^_^
YAAAAAAAAAS, I have the random image generator working. And hey, scroll down there, check that out huh? Got the random quotes on the bottom again, OOHH, the random images on the main drop page. Oh my goodness it's back, random in the bonus section, random in carving, YAAAAAAAS! You would not believe how many little places there are in the site where it is just beneficial and/or theatrical to be able to paste the contents from one line in a .txt file, into a webpage. You would not *believe* my trials and tribulations into this endeavour, I lack the experience to code this myself, so I have scoured the internet looking for this solution. And I have found it. Maybe five lines of php code, and.... general muckery that I'm not particularly fond of but it works so WOOOOOH, and stuff yeah. It involves like loading a php file from within an html from the initial html file. It's.... skippy and I have mixed feelings about it, but I will accept this incredible blessing, to have my image generators running again. WOOOOOH, thank you!

I got the code from, specifically over here. Thank you so much CodeSpeedy, you have saved this person's randomization.

Let us continue! There is actually still more to add in, I am only at profiles tbh, adding in all of the little bits and pieces that didn't make it to the database. I'm really shoring it up here, so I'm happy. A full refresher on the file ^_^

Alright, sleep now, more tomorrow. We are at 4143 lines and still growing.


Oohhhh, no comic text here, trippy. Unless I could somehow code it to put the text of the shown comic, that would be epic. Maybe just click on the comic when it comes up as a random image lol.

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