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Another plot twist?

Yeah, I TOLD you that Kraid's childhood storyline wouldn't end the way you thought it would. Did you listen? Oh, no... the second it went to Samus' past, you instantly thought that this version of Kraid's early childhood was written in stone. Bah... I told you to listen. I told you several times in fact. Bah... what's the point?

You realize that that story made absolutely no sense whatsoever, don't you?
It's possible!
Course, it's ALSO possible that the sewer gasses just gave me massive hallucinations for several days straight. In retrospect, drinking the sewer water at the beginning probably didn't help much either.
So then how'd you become the current form of Kraid?
You know... I have no idea now.
But who would?
I wonder if Kraid knows his true origins.
Yo, another drink here.

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