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Like watching a train-wreck

Before you ask anything, remember this:
a) Samus doesn't know what was burned down
b) She doesn't give a damn about Geruta, and doesn't care if he's alive or dead
c) IF she wanted to kill Crocomire Hunter, she's pleased with his current depression
d) It's like watching a train-wreck...

So yeah... Geruta helped claw her out of the box when he learned that he wouldn't be attacked.

2 hours later
... the poor, poor Geegas... dead... the Violas... dead... ALL my fault...
*yawn* You done yet?
ALL my fault!
Guess not.
Another 2 hours pass
Truth or dare?
Uhh, truth.
Why aren't you attacking us?
I could care less about you, and he's nicely suffering as is.
Can never... forgive... myself...
Another 6 hours later
Seriously man... why can't I bear to just leave?
It's like watching a train-wreck... it's almost hypnotic.
*SOB* We were so close!
12 hours later
Ok, I can't see a single corpse. Not a single remain. NONE!
WHY must I be the cause of so much death?
Ok, fuck it, knock him out.
On it.

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