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Well, 'bout time we get back to Samus' killing frenzy.

10 minutes later
Well, that takes care of that. Where do ya want him?
Eh, just dump 'im here. I've got some stuff to ask him when he thaws.
Sure, catch.
*flip* *grab*
ACK! Don't break him!
But listen... I've gotta split here. Which way to the bar? I've got some unholy vengeance to finish unleashing.
Ugh, head down the second opening, take the third right, and you'll know the area.
Tell Croc-boy I said thanks for the overwhelming misery and sorrow I got to enjoy there. A little drawn out, but that was some high-quality depression he had going there.
Uhh, little help first? Hello? Ah hell... I'd better not catch a cold from you.

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