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Complete disregard for the timer

Strip 286: Complete disregard for the timer

Hey, when Kabutroid's playing a game, where is most of her concentration gonna be? Obviously not on the useless counting thing. It almost seems like her mind works somewhat like Kraids at times...

In Kabutroid's lair
-Warning - 845 seconds remaining-
Hey Kabs... uhh... can I come in?
AHH! Damnit! You broke my concentration and killed me! Fine, you might as well... the damage is already done anyway...
-Warning - 842 seconds remaining-
Ok, what's up doc? Ehehe... doc.
Yyyeah... anyway, good, it's here too. That damn timer thing's been following me around. What the hell is it for?
-Warning - 837 seconds remaining-
That's it? You killed me in SWord of Mana (on the Gameboy player) to tell me something knows how to count?
GAH! No, it's just... it's... GAH!
-Warning - 831 seconds remaining-
Bah, fine, ignore it. I hope it counts down to your damn Gamecube exploding.
Yeah, whatever. Back to getting Undine.

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