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Strip 287: Indecision

For the record, the only reason I'm still doing the "timer hypothesis" kinda strips right now is because at this time, I was sick as a dog, and needed something quick as I wasn't feeling well enough to sit in front of the computer for much longer.

In green-groundy area
-Warning - 820 seconds remaining-
AHH! Must run... Mother Brain will kill me... must run... Mother Brain will kill me... she doesn't like turncoats.
-Warning - 815 seconds remaining-
It'll hurt the union if her minions... hey, what the... how the hell long has THAT been there?
-Warning - 810 seconds remaining-
810 seconds remaining, eh? 810 seconds to what though. Hmm... microwave timer? Shuttle liftoff? New years?
-Warning - 307 seconds remaining-
Hockey finals? Superbowl? Download completion? Doomsday asteroid? Next Metroid game? New millenium?
God are you STILL here?!? Get a life already.

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