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Stealing kills

And the plotline finally begins to move along again...

At about this time
-Warning - 076 seconds remaining-
YES! It should be JUST up ahead... that Zebbo said Mother Brain was right by the slide.
... the Zebbo that you then killed...
That's the one.
-Warning - 073 seconds remaining-
-Super Happy //
And now I can exact my final justice on... on...
Well... this was a tad unexpected...
-Warning - 069 seconds remaining-
NOOOOO! MY REVENGE! My sweet, sweet revenge has been taken from me! Ripped from my very grasp!
-Warning - 062 seconds remaining-
Damnit Samus... YOU'RE the one who stole my kill, didn't you... DIDN'T YOU!
GAH! Umm, wow. Isn't that like... unbelievably sticky standing there?
Yes, it's extraordinarily disgusting... please don't remind me.
Uhh, ew.

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