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High hopes

Strip 289: High hopes

See notes for... uhh... two strips previous.

Midway to the bar's slide
-Warning - 280 seconds remaining-
♫ Ohhh, I just wanna die, oh I just wanna die... hi-ho the merrio, oh I just wanna die. Die die die die die... Die die die die die... die die die die DIE die, oh die die die die die... ♫
-Warning - 274 seconds remaining-
And damnit, that... that thingy has been there for what seems like forever now. Just finish what you're doing and leave already! IS that too much to ask?
-Warning - 269 seconds remaining-
Oohh, oohh... maybe it's counting down to armageddon! YES! ARMAGEDDON! SWEET KISS OF DEATH! Oh, I can taste it already!
Much counting later
-Warning - 083 seconds remaining-
DAMNIT, GO FASTER! Every passing tick of that damn counter just makes me want to die twice as much as the last tick! I WANT MY ARMAGEDDON!!!

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