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Return of the jerks

Strip 323: Return of the jerks

Well... they ARE a different colour than the gamma-radiation based multiplied ones...

Hey Croc-boy. I was wondering where you took off to.
I was following that Geruta, but then he buggered off into that lava.
Well... given I lived and travelled around in the depths of Norfair... I can follow him.
Could you check on him?
Bah! Normally, I couldn't care less, but I'm searching for bar locations anyway. So... I'll be back eventually.
*hop* *splort*
CRIKEY! Watch that splashback. I'd rather not have another lava-bath if I can help it.
HEY! Come back here you... you JERK! Drop it... drop it! C'mon... drop it... drop...
*flutter* Squah

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