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When retreats go bad

Strip 381: When retreats go bad

Yep... there's two of those in that area.

Whao, steady there. Time to rethikn our actions here.
*foom* *jump*
So Kraid... you up for beating a hasty retreat?
Y'don't have to ask me twice.
*hop* Damnit, move Kraid... beat the retreat a little hastier!
Uhh, little problem.
You know... there's times when I think I can't possibly hate life more. But then I realize that Kabutroid is responsible for it all... and I store all my hatred for her.
Hey George.

Metroid, Samus, Kraid, and the rest of 'em are all property of Nintendo, who to my knowledge wouldn't do anything such as sue me or shut poor Planet Zebeth down, because they're so damn nice, and Metroid kicks ass : }
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