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Paranoid losses

Strip 386: Paranoid losses

Added note... in Metroid 2, this particular "S" item stood for "Spazer". I have no clue what the actual definition of that word is, but it essentially split your shot into three mini-plasma beams that kinda spread out a bit.

And lo, there was much rampaging...
*flee* Oh GOD, it's in the SPINE!!!
And destruction...
Damnit, there's still room for one more.
*hop* On it.
And item-finding...
"S"?!? What the hell does "S" stand for? I've never heard of that one.
"Super-beam" maybe?
But then again, there's lots of paranoia too
A buck says it stands for "stupid" or "sucker" or something like that. The day I trust Metroid thingy on her "play planet" is the day I sleep with you.
YES! No wait... awww...

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