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Where's the challenge?

Strip 386: Where's the challenge?

That's right... they DIDN'T get the Spazer item. The title of the strip wasn't "Paranoid losses" for nothing :P

Secondly... gotta love the 'gimme' fights.

One ignored item and much killing later...
C'mon Samus. Can't we just rest for a LITTLE while?
Are you kidding?!? Look at that count! We're so close now!
ENERGY •• - 99 | MISSILES - 132 | METROIDS - 06
*yawn* Wha?
And there's the next one. Hmm... small bugger this time. Weird.
Well move it and kill him. The sooner we're done, the sooner we can go back to the bar.
Well, let's make this quick.
*jump* *fwoosh* *fwoosh* *fwoosh* *BWAM*
YES! And another victory is mine! Almost seemed too easy though.
Wha, you WANT them stupidly harder?
No. No, I'd rather they were all like this.

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