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America's ass

Strip 394: America's ass

I suppose I should give you a more detailed explanation down here. Essentially, we stopped at that McDonalds for about 2 minutes to ask people for directions to a specific place (Pike's Market).

In those two minutes... the manager of that McDonalds decided to think that we were loitering or something, and had some security guy put one of those boot things on the car. We had to pay $70 American to get it off. TWO FUCKING MINUTES! TO GET DIRECTIONS! 100% chance he did it purely because we were from Canada. Dozens of AMERICAN cars were there... he didn't touch a single one. God damnit that guy pisses me off.

Oh hey it's 2021 let's update this. Above paragraphs unedited from the past, but OMG do not destroy that McDonalds. I wish them nothing but kindness and good will, and this was an angsty like... 20-something here. I can change it if need be, just letting the original sit here because like... don't be stupid, and no don't harm anything. No violence, only kindness!

In our visit to the United States (from B.C. to Seattle), we discovered something that kept us entertained for hours.
The white lines in the middle of the road had weird little bumps in it. You'd be really be surprised how long that entertained me for.
Seattle was being an ass, so we said 'screw it' and headed back.
For the record, I now harbor a severe, undying hatred for the McDonalds near the Space Needle. Destroy the McDonalds if you want.
So... we finally got back from vacation...
Ahh... that was some sweet, sweet vacation indeed. Now... what's the best way to tell everyone what happened...
Whereupon I realized that my "filler" strips were like... 10 times harder to make than the regular comic, so I wrapped up the last few comics really quickly and cut-and-pastilly, purely so I could get back to the actual comic.
God damnit, backgrounds are hard to find.

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