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The big blue

Strip 393: The big blue

For the record... I'm not this stupid. But... this is the kinda crap I like to make up off the top of my head and tell people on occasion :P

So... we slept at a crappy campsite with only one tree since we got in so late
Y'know... as far as campsites go, this one really, really sucks.
Haven't these people ever heard of plantlife?
Later, we swam in the ocean
Ahh, cold! Ahh, salty! Ahh, ahh, AHHH!
Well then get out damnit!
Can't... too fun. C'mon in!
You're insane.
Lesson number 1 about the ocean:
Damn. That Daemona... is a whole helluva lot of the colour blue. This is where they invented the colour by the way. They also invented sand here. Previously, everyone only had coarse gravel and clumps of dirt.
I stand by my previous statement.
In short... I'm not a biologist
No, no... I think I read this somewhere online. It was invented by a girl named Sandy Sandicus. Without her, it would have been named "Sveinbjorninian" after one of the Vikings had written his name in it.
If I say I believe you, will you never say that in public again?

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