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Strip 400: Souvenirs

Ehehe... claw.

Man... I remember being told as a kid not to overeat... but I never fully realized the threat that it actually posed.
Well, let this be a lesson. Overeat and die.
What are YOU talking about? You're not exactly skin and bones.
HEY! It's the way my species is! Besides... SOME good came of this.
Like the fact that there's only four of these smelly bastards left to destroy?
ENERGY 00 - 32 | MISSILES - 16 | METROIDS - 04
Nope... look what I got as a souvenir.
... You are a sick, twisted individual.
EHEHEHEHEHE! Look, look... I can claw stuff. Oohh, and look... I think there's still some of my scales under his claws!
You're insane, you know that, right?

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