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The rest of the story

Yes, the rocks here are supposed to be a darker colour.

After that little... mistake, we had a nice discussion about her being here.
So my playpods... they were actually...

Yeah. Kinda disgusting when you think about it.
I need a shower like NOW!
We were just talking about her past when...
AHAHAHA! I remember eating a rock that fell into my lair. Thought it was an enemy. I was coughing up gravel for weeks!
Ahh, rocks. Delicious but deadly.
... YOU two decided to startle her.
Ah crap. I've gotta go defend my lair and stuff. Chill back here, I'll eat 'em quickly.
No problem.
I'll bring back a snack.
Nnnno thanks, I'm good.
And I think you kinda know the rest of the story already.
Yeah, just kinda.
Ok, panic time.
I concur.

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