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Poor sports and bad luck

I was originally going to have them still playing cards, but was soon annoyed with myself because I came upon the problem of "how did they get the cards." Then I remembered the Metroids on ZR388. And yeah... enough said.

Days later still...
... Do you have any 8's?
... Go fish.
Do you have any Jacks?
... I guess...
Ehehe! How about any 5's?
DAMNIT! I swear you must be CHEATING!
*TOSS* That... that's great. We're blindly lucky enough for me to hve taken those Metroids' cards on ZR388, and you go and lose half the deck in the glitch. YEs, that was brilliant.

Metroid, Samus, Kraid, and the rest of 'em are all property of Nintendo, who to my knowledge wouldn't do anything such as sue me or shut poor Planet Zebeth down, because they're so damn nice, and Metroid kicks ass : }
This particular comic strip was made solely by me, by that happy little program known as KolourPaint. Yes, the one that everyone runs in fear from. That's why the comic looks the way it does.