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Why wrangling isn't done in public

Well think about it... when Steve Irwin is wrangling some of those animals... it's probably for the best it's not done in public streets. It's not exactly the most graceful thing on earth, and depending on one's perspective, could be misconstrued...

*hop* *foom*
Well... I suppose we should head back. I think I saw someone go inside the bar.
Yeah, five minutes of fresh air should do me for another week.
Hey Rid-man... why'd you stop? Ridley? Hellooo. Wait... someone didn't drink all the booze, did they? DID THEY?!?
Ok, for the record... this isn't what it looks like. I'm WRANGLING him! It's taking all my muscle just to keep him from running away!
*gronk* *gronk* *GRONK*
Sweet holy hell man... I knew you liked to study all sorts of creatures... but you tried studying ME once! I feel like puking.
That isn't helping my case here.

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