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Gronky revealed

I'm sure if I toyed around with it for another while, I could come up with better wording for what I want to say, but size restrictions hinder me from a massive page-long explanation. So this is the short version :P

One length of rope later
So, now that history isn't repeating itself... is there any particular reason we're not being swarmed with glitches like the last time we encountered that freak of nature?
*gronk* *gronk*
I'm guessing that when Metroid-thingy took out the glitches, it must have ripped the glitches out of him, but he'd been here long enough, and ate enough non-glitch that it must have affected his makeup enough to keep him around here.
*GRONK* *hop* *tug*
*gronk* *GRONK*
...Could you say that again but with less rambling?
*sigh* He's outta glitch.
Good enough. So whatcha gonna do with him? He's already wrangled.
Whaddya thing? I got me a pet!
*gronk* *gronk* *gronk*

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