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Prepared for theft

Yeah, for the record, I didn't actually think that it would be stolen. I was just bored :P

Vacation Journal Day 3

July 2: 7:36am - We got into my brother's place in Toronto at about 5:30pm last night. Relaxed for a while... went to a nearby park to wander around while my bro's dog ran around. Later that evening watched the Canada Day fireworks. Helluva lot better than anything our city puts out. Staying at my bro's place in a sleeping bag for 2 nights to save money. Basically went to sleep the second my head hit the pillow. Woke up, and here I am. Not sure why I'm even bothering to keep a journal, but I'm planning to work it into the comic somehow. Not sure what we're doing later today, but I'll figure that out later.

July 2: 12:46pm - Ehehehehe... I'm currently on a subway for the first time ever. I'm sure it's boring for most, but I'm rather entertained by all this. But yeah, woke up, took a walk with my bro, as he walked his dog. Currently going to Queen street to check out the shops. Going to put this away now to avoid someone trying to steal it. That's right... if you're reading this before it's online, that means you stole it, and I'm acknowledging it beforehand. What... I'm paranoid.

Vacation Journal Day 4

July 3: 11:50pm - Well, you can safely assume that both my palm pilot wasn't stolen, and this will be today's only entry. Generally, yesterday Daemona and I went to the Queen street shops. We're going back to look around more on the 5th, as our feet were sore for some reason. Went to the bar "Velvet Underground" with my bro. that night. Much fun to be ad. Today, we slept in and then checked into our hotel. Due to a "headache", I had a nap there. On a completely unrelated note, "Goldschläger" is awesome. Got back to the hotel, and here I am now, making an entry in here. Generally, today was more of a relaxing day. Tomorrow, we stock up on food, and head to the R.O.M. But, now I must charge this thing's battery and sleep.

Vacation Journal Day 5

July 4: 9:40am - Ahh... sleep-in. Feeling much better. Currently killing time until we meet Daemona's grandma for brunch. Although, I've gotta say... tryign to write in the palm pilot while lying on your side, on the arm using the stylus is exceedingly hard. Thank you makers of the palm for the keyboard I can just tap letters on.

July 4: 9:10pm
Busy. Details tomorrow.

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