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A driving rain... get it?

C'mon, ya get it? It's raining, and we're driving? Driving rain? Like a hard rain? With the driving, and the rain hitting the... ah, whatever :P

June 30: 7:58pm - Well super. The worthless towns of Negaunee & Ishpeming had a detour that looped us about 10 minutes back to the start of the towns after putting us through both towns' downtowns. Damn towns. We ignored the detour signs the second time through and escaped. Because of that, I'm making a "List o' towns I hate" at the bottom of the journal for each day I run across one that mildly irritates me somehow.

List o' towns that I now hate due to minor, petty annoyances:
Tolstoi, MB.
Cohasset, MI.
Negaunee, MI.
Ishpeming, MI.

Vacation Journal Day 2

July 1: 5:40am - It's currently 4:40 Manitoba time. I am strangely awake, but get the feeling that's excitement about vacation. Odds are after an hour or two I'll be dead tired. Time to go get that complementary breakfast and head out. Probably drive first since I feel more awake.

July 1: 9:00am - Driver switchover. Passed Naubinway, MI. a bit ago. Every time there's a break in the trees we can see Lake Michigan. Nice view in general. Want to swim. Think I'm better at writing in the palm pilot. Getting faster. Still freakin' ~90km/h here. Learn to drive, ya damn country!!! At 110, we'd shave off a few hours of driving a day. Now at Brevort. Get to cross that big bridge between lake Huron & Michigan soon.

July 1: 9:26am - What the hell is a "pastie"?!? Everything here is advertising they have them.

July 1: 10:57am - Mmmmm... trail mix flavoured granola bars kick ass.

July 1: 11:09am - Bored stiff. Raining. At least the I-75 is ~115km/h. Just saw a semi carrying lumber. The thing had 8 axles on the trailer alone! I think the total vehicle came to 42 seperate tires (most axles had duals). Damn... a 42-wheeler. The fact that I'm writing this should indicate my boredom. Well... time to play Frogger on here.

July 1: 4:15pm - Just finished my second driving shift of the day. Just passed London, Ont. Home stretch until we hit Toronto. Might even still have time to do stuff tonight. Made excellent time today. Surprisingly awake for having woken up at 5:00 two days in a row now. That Red Bull must be good stuff. It says to only take one a day, and I've done 3, so that might help. And no rain for like... 6 hours now! It's a freakin' miracle! There's even this weird, warm, bright stuff hitting me that I can only hypothesize as being "sunlight".

List o' towns I now hate due to minor, petty annoyances:
Gould City, MI.
Saginaw, MI.

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