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Let the driving continue

Yep, another long day of driving. On another note, Manitoban Pizza Hut is better :P

July 6: 11:30pm - Well, the day turned out better. Went shopping... found some stuff I've been looing for for ages on sale. Just before we got home (actually, it was while I was waiting for Pizza Hut to finish my order. Mmm... Canadian-type pizza and cheesy breaksticks), I got a call from my roommate telling me to call the place that I was apply at for a new job. Called, and now shortly after vacation, I'll have a better, higher paying job. Score.

Vacation Journal Day 8

July 7: 10:59am - Woke up at 5:00am to get everything packed into the car. Had 4 hours of sleep for various reasons. Took first driving shift... was tired as hell. Slept when Daemona took over, and here I am. The border was interesting. The guy asked if we had any meats, so we said some sandwich meat of salami and ham, and some Pizza Hut pizza. They actually asked what toppings to check for beef (the whole mad-cow scare and all). It was "Canadian" type, so bacon, salami, cheese. I was almost tempted to say "with stuffed crust... stuffed with COW that is!" and started laughing maniacally. We figured I shouldn't. Oh, and we found several "Tim Hortons" in the states! They're in Almont, Lapeer, and Flint MI. Yes... Canada is slowly taking over the states... muahahaha!!!

July: 12:03pm: Is it my imagination, or is there like... 10 different types of license plates in Michigan? And another thing... what's with the traffic lights in the states hanging from an aircraft cable? One Canadian winter and the ice and wind would bring those suckers down onto whatever's underneath them. Get some actual poles, ya cheap country.

July 7: 5:48pm - God the middle of Michigan is useless. I swear maybe 1 in 20 towns have gas stations... and there's a vehicle for every 5 miles on the side of the road. How do these people have running vehicles? Do they buy brand new vehicles with full tanks of gas, then just kinda... leave them on the side of the road where they stop, put them up for sale and buy a new one?

July 7: 8:20pm - Going to sleep early. Getting our wake-up call at 4:00am tomorrow morning. With about 14 hours of driving set for tomorrow, we want to get in as early as possible. We can just trade off driving shifts more than usual. Just one more day of driving.

List o' towns I now hate due to minor, petty annoyances:
Munsing, MI.

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