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You're a poké-freak when...

What... I like Pokémon. The author character is half-Pokémon for pete sakes!

Vacation Journal Day 9

July 8: 4:16am - Ugh... we start driving off at 4:30. I got first shift. Let's see if I stay awake at the wheel. Also, they never gave us a wake-up call. Good thing I set the alarm.

July 8: 10:51am - Ehehehe... just passed "Pokegame Dam". I'm gonna go pull out my super rod and catch me a Dratini :D. In other news... we're taking shorter shifts. Just finished driving shift two. Slept entirely through my first break. Well, at least going home, we switch from Eastern time zone to Central, so we saved an hour instead of losing it on the way out.

July 8: 2:35pm - Wooh! Making excellent time. Now about an hour to the Canadian border and metric speed. From there, it's about another hour until we're back home. Soon... soon. Have been pumping energy drinks into myself to make up for the early, early wakeup time. Red Bull bottle-type, Red Bull can-type, and Bawls. Still tired. Daemona's taking the last drive.

July 8: 3:34pm - Got searched at the border. Nothing happened that we didn't expect, except the guy was kind of a prick. Now seeing speed limit signs saying 100, and crappy road patching jobs. Ahh... back in Manitoba. Also, bah... stupid cellphone. It's supposed to work anywhere in Canada. It didn't have signal the second we crossed the border at the most obscure, isolated border crossing in Manitoba, if not Canada! I want my usage from anywhere! :P

July 8: 7:45pm - I am currently starting to turn this journal into a comic. Let's see how it turns out.

July 8: 9:55pm - Well... I've now caught up to current time. I'm currently adding this directly into Kolourpaint, inside of comic 541. But won't update this online though. Still have to do the summary and list o' items that will occur tomorrow. BUT... I need sleep bad, so it's time to go and get some of said sleep.

List o' towns I now hate due to minor, petty annoyances:

Superior, WI.
Duluth, MN.
Gowan, MN.
Lake Bronson MN.
Tolstoi, MB... again.

Vacation Journal Day 10

July 9: 11:24pm - Well, back on the palm for the final entry (Daemona's using the computer). Today, we went out on a "back from vacation and need to buy food because we left the fridge bare" run. Filled our fridge, then went to Daemona's family's place for dinner. Mmmm... chinese food. About to watch the movie "Donnie Darko", so it be time to finish this epic journal with the list o' stuff obtained. Although, approximating how much space this text will take, I get the feeling that it'll be inside the final "Vacation or bust" comic.

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