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Tired of complaints

Y'know, I don't mind the humorous ranting, such as Zoso and PhazonSamurai showed examples of in the shoutbox:

PhazonSamurai : NO UPDATE!!? THATS IT KABUTROID! PREPARE........TO... ...uhhhhh........... ......(insert something evil and destructive here)

Y'see, that I don't mind. It was the others, such as the guy who emailed me to complain, or ChraymasterX in the shoutbox that irritate me. So you can blame them for the storyline delay.

Meanwhile, shortly after vacation...
Well, let's see what people think of the new comic. A bit of a shame I could only finish the next one on Thursday, but SURELY they must understand that I'd prefer to avoid wallowing in my own filth and want to relax after cleaning.
...Oh, I see. Lame, is it? Ranting about update times, are you? I almost shudder to check my emai... Oh, for the love of... ok, that tears it. This ain't as easy as it looks, ya know.
Well, screw it. Let's see THEM make a comic strip, work a full-time job, balance a girlfriend and a half-assed attempt at a social life so much better than me. I'm putting in some filler like this rant and they can wait until after the weekend for...
Oh hell... I've gotta stop doing that. The guy at the furniture store keeps laughing at me when I ask hm to put in another order for a new chair.

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