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Plausible deniability

Remember... it's not a lie if you believe it :P

Then again... it's highly doubtful that Croc-boy believes himself :P

Ok, ok... don't panic. I can bluff my way out of this one. I've just gotta be confident with what I say is all.
*drop* Well, the mystery is solved. It was a chunk of blue groundy stuff.
Yes, yes, very good. So... what was with the wall-climbing ability?
I didn't climb a wall. That's impossible
Umm... yes, yes you did. Like... a few minutes ago.
No I didn't.
So... that place that you dropped down from like... 10 seconds ago. How'd you get there?
Oh, hey, look at the time. I've gotta go and feed Gronky and stuff. It's just TOO important to put off for even a few seconds to answer that.

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