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Grief of loss

Those of you who know the feeling of the loss of a pet will know exactly what Crocomire Hunter is going through.

Yep, just going to go feed the ever-hungry Gronky. Can't stop for even a few seconds, or he could expire from starvation. Trust me... I study things like this. I'm not lying to get out of answering questions or nothing.
Gronky? Oh, he chewed through that rope leash and buggered off a few minutes ago out t he back. I woulda stopped him, but y'know... that'd take effort and stuff.
But... but... the gronk... and...... and... Gronky... and...

Well... I guess we're free to ask him about the wall-climbing thing there again.
*sniff* *sob* *whimper* *grieve* *pule*
No girl... trust me. In a situation like this, you keep your damn fool mouth shut.
He's not dead y'know.

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