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I hacked it apart

I've always been slightly annoyed that the bar just seemed too tall for some reason. Rectified :}

...Seriously guys... I can't tell you about how I weirded out the Geega. I can't and I won't.
GOOD! We never asked to begin with!
Neither of us said a THING, and you just started blithering on about not telling us, so why don't you do us a favour and SHUT UP! Besides, we're here.
*bwam* *bvwee*
Oh, hey guys. 'Bout time you're back. I came in for a drink and the place was empty, so I figured I'd take care of things in your absence.
Umm... thanks... but uhh... why exactly is my bar shorter than before?
I hacked it apart. It was too tall.
But... but how'd you serve anything? I locked the booze room myself!
I hacked it apart. It was...
*sigh* Just... just stop talking.

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