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Vacation or bust 3.1.2

Aaaaand yeah... that last item is mainly for the sake of having it. And thus ends this vacation. Odds are I'll do something less... cheap-looking for the next one this year, if there is one.

For the most part, we just went shopping in North Dakota and took time off work. First up on my list o' expenditures, I picked up some DVDs that caught my fancy. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Saw II, Ninth Gate, Leon the Professional, and the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy TV series rounds out the set. What, I collect DVDs and like to watch 'em. I don't like pirating 'em. I want the actual disk and the extras and all that stuff too.

And, being in need of a new MP3 player, I picked up a new one. No, that's not the IPod Shuffle... I hate IPod with a passion. Stupid mandatory software crap. No, this here's the Samsung YP-U1, 1 gig model. Enough space for my needs, and works like a flash drive. Seriously, I don't need nor want like... a million songs with me.

Then I found a cool Jason mask belt buckle thing and a fuzzy Nintendo dice for the car. Speaking of which, the road that we went down didn't have those bumpy white thingies in the middle of the road! What a gyp!!! I was looking forward to those things this year! *sniff* I miss those little guys!

And here we have... the pièce de résistance. If you don't understand, don't ask. But all in all, it was a decent vacation. Fear not, I've planned another one later this year (hopefully), so odds are I'll do some other comic-related thing for it. But that aside, it's time to return to our regularily scheduled comic strip... after the weekend.

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