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First quick note... after this was 5 strips of family-emergency filler, so if you want to skip it, just go to strip 662 instead of the next one.

Yeah, this and the last strip? I don't even know.

And for this one, I tried ot think of how I'd react to Kraid's statement knowing that he wanted me. But yeah, I felt the need to explain the 'lesser known, lesser asked' things here, since that's pretty well directly affecting Samus at this point.

But ANYWAY, the suit, I don't think I've ever fully taken that thing off since I got it.
Not for a washroom break or anything?
No, the suit broke all that down, converted what it could into energy, and released the rest as an odourless gas into the air. It rocked.
Oh, so it's back to the old way then, huh? *toing*
Oh good GOD I need to get back to my suit.
Well y'know, I can show you the bush where I've been...
Yeah, ok, just stop right there before I break your neck in more places than you can count. And I remember you with the pogs and bricks.

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