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Half-open doors

Note, if you want to go back to prior to the filler strips, go to strip 656.

As for the HUD, it's more of a reference to the view you get in Metroid Prime.

...Weren't we further away from... bah, whatever. Anyway... the crappin' bush...
Yeah, I'll pass on that. I've got time. I think I'll explore a little bit before I wander back to my suit.
Anyhoo, c'mon meat-shield, we've got some exploring to do. It's excellent to finally be able to look around without a HUD in the way.
A... hud? That short for huddle, or stand for like... half-open door or something?
...Oh for... stop giving me that look. What did I do this time?
Yes, a half-opened door. My suit causes a half-opened door to perpetually be in front of me. That makes PERFECT sense, ESPECIALLY because 'open' begins with "U". You're a genius!
Umm... are you being sarcastic, or are these like... invisible doors?

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