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Emergency filler 3

Like I said... it's like a weight has been somewhat lifted here. At the bare minimum, there's no more guessing or unknown variables here.

Ok, probably the second-last filler strip here. To compress a lot of details, let's just say the words 'terminal' and 'average of 12 months' stood out the most. The good news at least is taht now we have some information, and they gave him some stuff to reduce the pain.
So... basically, we're going to make this the best damn summer he's ever had. Now that his headaches are gone, he's going in for surgery tomorrow to cut out what they can, and... yeah, that's all the info we've got right now. But the main thing is... we have info.
So... the last filler SHOULD be Friday, with an update on how surgery went. Until such time, lessee... what can I do with these two here.
...Happy trails fellas!
*run* *BOOT* *bounce* *fling*

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