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Emergency filler 4

And thus ends the filler. Next comic... back to normal.

But yeah, as a conclusion of sorts... the brain surgery went better than planned as the comic stated. They were able to remove more of the cancerous tumor than expected, and he pulled through fine. We shall continue with the plan of 'best summer ever' for him, and yeah... play it by ear for the next while. Gonna be a lot of hospital visits until he goes back home for the remainder of... uhh... yeah.

Well, finally some good news. The operation removed more of the tumor than anticipated, so at least it slightly increases the timeline. Hey, it's something. So now it's waiting for things to heal, and we can get back to the comic.
Moments later...
There we go. Now to... to... ah hell. What the hell were they last saying... something about... breaking necks... bricks... pogs... I think it might have involved a bush too...
*poof* *poof* *poof* *poof*
Ah hell, good enough *poof*
I think I want my suit or something.
I'm referencing a bush or some other foliage for some reason or another.
For some reason that made me want to... stuff you with pogs... something like that.
Scared noise!
...What the hell was that?!?
Yyyyeah, that's quite possibly the weirdest thing I've ever said that I never planned to say.
I say we pretend the last five seconds never occured.
I concur.

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